Board of Trustees


Competent and well-balanced.


The Board of Trustees checks Green Cross Switzerland’s projects with regard to factual and cost objectives. The Green Cross Switzerland Board Members all work in voluntary, honorary functions and accordingly receive no remuneration for their work. Its members are:

President of the Board of Trustees

Béatrice G. Lombard-Martin

Founder – “Swiss-Russian Forum” communications expert


“Each human being is a part of this earth, and nature is our most precious property which we must take care of. It is our responsibility to leave our children, and our children’s children, a living planet!”



Members of the Board of Trustees

Tony Burgener

Director Glückskette




Roby Tschopp

M.B.A. Dipl Eng. ETHZ / EPFL


“We have no right to abandon the populations that are affected by man-made environmental disasters. From reckless armament to industrial negligence and economic exploitation – our decisions and our lifestyle encourage ever more extreme risk-taking around the world. For the benefit of future generations, Green Cross is pursuing two objectives: reparation and prevention.”


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