Board of Trustees

Competent and well-balanced.


The Board of Trustees checks Green Cross Switzerland’s projects with regard to factual and cost objectives. The Green Cross Switzerland Board Members all work in voluntary, honorary functions and accordingly receive no remuneration for their work. Its members are:

President of the Board of Trustees, represented by the Vice President (interim)

Martin Bäumle

BSc. Chem. ETH, National Council


“We can’t afford to take the risk of a second Chernobyl incident. And the risks of gaining electricity through nuclear power stations should be paid by those responsible, not the next generation. It’s the population that suffers the long-term effects caused by radioactive contamination over decades; which is why my attention is focused on a social medical program. I don’t like to accept limitations, but it’s my wish that our environment is still intact in 50 years. For this reason I am pleased to be engaged in a Green Cross program that supports an unspoilt environment and the improvement of life’s quality for mankind.”


Vice President of the Board of Trustees, representative President of the Board of Trustees (interim)

Béatrice G. Lombard-Martin

Founder – “Swiss-Russian Forum” communications expert


“Each human being is a part of this earth, and nature is our most precious property which we must take care of. It is our responsibility to leave our children, and our children’s children, a living planet!”


Members of the Board of Trustees


Pauline de Vos Bolay

General Manager, Fribourg Hospital, HFR


“What are the impacts of environmental contamination on people and their health? What are the consequences of any kind of catastrophe on habitats and a population’s well-being? Green Cross addresses these fundamental issues and seeks sustainable answers. I’m happy to be a part of this.”

Peter Gysling

Peter Gysling



“The concern about our environment, healthful surroundings for everyone on this planet, must have the highest priority. As a foreign correspondent for many years in Moscow and in the Republics of the former Soviet Union, I was confronted time and again with major ecological disasters. In the nuclear waste deposits near Murmansk in the north of Russia, on the Aral Sea in Central Asia, with the consequences of the nuclear accident of Chernobyl which have still not been dealt with by far.


Green Cross is attempting – together with appropriate partners – to gain control of the current problems and prevent new disasters. This is why I like to be involved with the Board of Trustees of Green Cross Switzerland.”

Werner E. Külling

Development Consultant since 2009


“In an increasingly globalized world, where borders will soon be non-existent or only fluid, it has simply become a matter of survival that all the people on this planet – whose population has now increased to 7 billion – work together towards ‘an unburdened future’. In this problem context, the contribution of Green Cross may only be a drop in the bucket. And this is precisely why it is critical. It helps to sustainably tackle various forms of environmental degradation caused by man – from the contamination of water resources and soils due to warlike events to the expansion of nuclear energy instead of promoting alternative energies. Humanitarian and social aid for people – especially children – that suffer from such dramatic events is as much part of the key mission of Green Cross as are preventive education and awareness-building to prevent wars and environmental calamities. That is why I work with Green Cross. The world needs Green Cross – more than ever.”

Helen Stehli Pfister

Helen Stehli Pfister


“Following the Chernobyl disaster I have visited the highly contaminated zone and Pripyat ghost town several times for SRF-reports. And each time I was deeply troubled by the shocking fate of a population in close proximity to nuclear power station. I’m truly glad to be part of an environmental organization like Green Cross; which strives to offer a better life through its projects and efforts to banish environmental toxins.”

Roby Tschopp

M.B.A. Dipl Eng. ETHZ / EPFL


“We have no right to abandon the populations that are affected by man-made environmental disasters. From reckless armament to industrial negligence and economic exploitation – our decisions and our lifestyle encourage ever more extreme risk-taking around the world. For the benefit of future generations, Green Cross is pursuing two objectives: reparation and prevention.”

Study Trips

12 November until 23 November 2017 – Over the course of 12 days, we’ll show you the highlights of Vietnam from North to South, accompanied by Maria Vitagliano, director of Green Cross Switzerland’s programme Social Medicine.

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