Green Cross Switzerland was founded in 1994 with the purpose of supporting the victims of man-made disasters. Our aid projects take place in the radioactively contaminated regions around Chernobyl and in the vietnamese villages affected by “Agent Orange”.


For people and environment

To ensure long-term results, Green Cross Switzerland offers “help to self-help”. As part of the SOCMED-programmes, in fact, the affected population receives medical, social and psychological support. Besides, some of the organization’s projects promote sustainable energy supply. Our vision for the disaster areas is to become places of hope, examples and beacon of a more sustainable approach to our planet.


Organisational structure

The activities of Green Cross Switzerland are based on a direct and transparent relationship between the Foundation Board and the management. The Board’s members work on a voluntary basis and review the projects’ costs and objectives; they then provide feedbacks to the management.

Green Cross Switzerland consists of a small, very committed and efficient team. It is member of Green Cross International but remains independent financially and from an organizational point of view.

The SOCMED-programmes in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are implemented by long-standing Green Cross partners. In Vietnam, Green Cross Switzerland works together with VIETCOT (Vietnamese Training Centre for Orthopedic Technologists). To ensure the efficient and proper use of funds, partners are required to periodically submit reports to Green Cross Switzerland.