Green Cross Switzerland was founded in 1994. In its nearly thirty-year history, Green Cross has carried out numerous projects, including chemical weapons and nuclear disarmament, the reclamation of contaminated landscapes and waters, and the provision of clean drinking water. The organization has also been involved in resource conflicts.

Currently, Green Cross Switzerland focuses on assisting populations in areas affected by current and past industrial and military disasters. 


For people and the environment

Industrial and military disasters cause a difficult living situation for a large number of people for years or even decades. Those affected face severe hurdles to a self-determined life. In addition, such disasters have destructive effects on the flora and fauna, waters and soils in the affected areas.

The aid organization Green Cross attaches great importance to ensuring that the support provided has a sustainable effect at all levels. For this reason, our projects are governed by the principle of helping people to help themselves.

Our vision is to turn disaster areas into places of hope that become role models and mouthpieces for a sustainable approach to our planet.


Organizational structure

The activities of Green Cross Switzerland are based on a direct and transparent relationship between the Foundation Board and the management. The Board’s members work on a voluntary basis and review the projects’ costs and objectives; they then provide feedbacks to the management.

Green Cross Switzerland consists of a small, very committed and efficient team. It is member of Green Cross International but remains independent financially and from an organizational point of view.

Green Cross Switzerland carries out its projects in cooperation with various partner organizations. These are obligated to submit regular reports to Green Cross Switzerland so that the efficient and targeted use of the funds can be verified.