Working for an unburdened future – an internship with Green Cross Switzerland


Description: this practical project involves participation in a social and preventive medicine project in Switzerland for children and young people from contaminated areas, together with the management of two marketing projects.

The social and preventive medicine project is a youth project titled “Youth for a Green Future”. This project will give young people from various contaminated areas the chance to come to Switzerland for two to three weeks so that they can exchange opinions and ideas here with youngsters of the same age from different countries. The objective of the project is to enable the young people to relax and recover in a healthy environment; at the same time, they will be able to exchange ideas and opinions about various environmental issues with other young people and develop strategies for the future. The intern will work here on the preparations for the project and its implementation, and also (if possible) on the follow-up activities. This work includes both concept-related and organisational activities.

You will also manage two marketing projects for which you will be in charge of the organisation, and you may also participate in the actual events. One of these projects concerns the study trips arranged by Green Cross to the Chernobyl region and Vietnam, where the use of Agent Orange as a defoliant has resulted in the pollution of large areas. Without putting themselves in danger, those travelling to the affected regions will see for themselves how their inhabitants are coping with the consequences of these two environmental disasters, and how the Green Cross projects are providing support for the populations in the contaminated zones. The second project involves information events with our donors and members, which are held twice per year. The conceptual design and staging of all these events also calls for organisational flair and conceptual thinking.


Requirements: work on the practical project in particular calls for a good command of English; a command of French is an advantage.


Comments: additional tasks – another element of the internship will be participation in applications for institutional funding, i.e. assisting with project proposals addressed to institutions in order to obtain financial support for Green Cross projects.

Assistance with administration.

You will be working for the Green Cross International Social Medicine programme.

The practical project described here is an ongoing activity in our International Social Medicine programme, so we are always looking for prospective interns.


Start: immediately, or by agreement


Period: 18 weeks, longer internship periods are welcome


Working location: Zurich, near Limmatplatz


Contact: Patricia da Cruz, +41 (0)43 499 13 23,

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