Green Cross Switzerland is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of pesticide disposal projects in 10 countries in the area of the former Soviet Union and for compiling specifications for the management of pesticides and toxic waste.

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Legacy of the Cold War – Less danger through weapons.

The primary goal of the Legacy of Cold War programme is to promote the safe and environmentally-friendly elimination of nuclear and chemical weapons and biological pathogens and the renovation of former military installations.

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Social and Medical Care – Health and education for the most vulnerable.

Green Cross provides medical, psychological and educational measures to improve the living conditions of children, young adults and families living in areas contaminated with radioactivity and chemicals.

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The world’s ten most dangerous sources of environmental toxins in 2016

The Environmental Toxin Report 2016 of the environmental organisations Green Cross Switzerland and Pure Earth, New York provides information about the world’s ten most dangerous sources of environmental toxins and quantifies the worldwide magnitude of adverse health effects caused by toxic substances in DALYs.

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Cooperation instead of confrontation.

Green Cross Switzerland facilitates overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters and the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War. Central issues are the improvement of the living quality of people affected by chemical, radioactive and other types of contamination, as well as the promotion of a sustainable development in the spirit of cooperation instead of confrontation. This includes the involvement of all stakeholder groups affected by a problem.More

Help us support disabled children in Vietnam

Donations from Switzerland make it possible for Vietcot, an orthopaedic centre in Hanoi, to provide prostheses and orthoses to around 500 children and adolescents every year on behalf of Green Cross. More

Study on Uranium Mines

6.4 million people are exposed to radiation from uranium mines. This is the result of a first study on the health consequences of uranium mining sites.More

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    CH-Zurich – 29 August 2018 – The Board of Trustees of the non-governmental and environmental organization Green Cross Switzerland and the Executive Director Nathalie Gysi have mutually agreed to end the employment relationship.   The Board of Trustees thanks Mrs. Gysi for […] →

Sources of environmental toxins are causing 17.78 million lost years of life (DALYs)

Based on the database of the Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP), 17.78 million DALYs are attributable to toxic substances from ten sources of environmental toxins … More

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