In the wake of every industrial or military catastrophe, humanitarian aid tends to be high. However, as time passes, help from outside starts decreasing as does the support for the people affected.


The nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl dates back more than 30 years; the Vietnam War, in fact, even ended about 45 years ago. For many people, they have become historical events rather than an everyday struggle. Unfortunately, the drastic aftermath in both areas is far from being resolved. In the areas around Chernobyl, radiation endangers the health of the population whilst in Vietnam, dioxin, which stems from the defoliant agent “Agent Orange”, has a great effect on people’s health up until today. Both, the radiation as well as Agent Orange will continue to circulate in the environment of the affected areas over many years to come.


Without support, those living in these areas are helplessly exposed to this danger, which is not only why the affected population must not be forgotten and left alone but also why Green Cross Switzerland focuses strongly on the social medicine programs in Chernobyl and Vietnam.


Read more about our current projects in Chernobyl and Vietnam.

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