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Thank you very much for your interest in GREEN CROSS Switzerland’s activities. We will gladly send you further information by post and free of charge. Here you have the possibility to download some documents as PDF files. To do this you need the Acrobat Reader.


Green Cross Flyer A4 – (844 KB in German) | (804 KB in French)

Green Cross Flyer (Members) A5 – (1.1 MB in German) | (1.1 MB in French)


Annual Report


Resetting the Nuclear Disarmament Agenda by GCI Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev at the United Nations


Floating Nuclear Powerplants in Russia: A Threat to the Arctic, World Oceans and Non-Proliferation Treaty (Study, 1022 KB)


Chernobyl. 17 years after. Pictures, facts and figures. (exe file)


UN Report on the consequences of the Chernobyl accident (360 KB)


The documentary film in TV SF DRS 1 on 24. and 30. September 2001: Under the Shadow of Chemical Weapons, a film by Helen Stehli Pfister, is available as a video cassette with the title Under the Shadow of Chemical Weapons at the price of Fr. 39.90. Order it at: TV CLUB, Schweizer Versandzentrum, Postfach, CH-6161 Entlebuch.

Study Trips

12 November until 23 November 2017 – Over the course of 12 days, we’ll show you the highlights of Vietnam from North to South, accompanied by Maria Vitagliano, director of Green Cross Switzerland’s programme Social Medicine.

Latest press release

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    CH-Zurich – 29 August 2018 – The Board of Trustees of the non-governmental and environmental organization Green Cross Switzerland and the Executive Director Nathalie Gysi have mutually agreed to end the employment relationship.   The Board of Trustees thanks Mrs. Gysi for […] →

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