Volunteer team of experts back in Vietnam in fall 2023

Since 2004, Swiss orthopaedists and doctors have been working on a voluntary basis in cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland to help those affected by “Agent Orange” and usually travel to Vietnam once or twice a year. The Swiss specialists work closely with local specialists, train them and share their experiences. The specialist knowledge is also imparted by the Swiss experts at the training center for orthopaedic technicians (Vietcot) in Hanoi. Green Cross Switzerland supports the team of experts with infrastructure, materials and logistics.

Another trip to Vietnam was organized in autumn 2023, in which the orthopaedic specialists Dr. med. h.c. Daniel Hueskes and Benjamin Hueskes and the physicians Dr. Jiri Skarvan and Dr. Christiane Brinkmann took part. They also visited the Vietcot during a two-week stay. The doctors carried out medical histories, examinations and treatments, primarily on children and adolescents. The extended visit also allowed local specialist staff to be instructed accordingly. In addition to visiting the Vietcot, the team also visited local hospitals in Hanoi and Thai Nguyen.

Help on site

During this time, 11 patients from the Vietcot and 15 patients from the children’s hospital in Vinh who suffered from cerebral palsy or other musculoskeletal disorders or had clubfeet were successfully examined by the Swiss specialists. As the transfer of knowledge at Vietcot (training center) plays a central role in the professionalization of healthcare staff, orthopaedic technicians and nurses in training also took part in the examinations. In addition, Benjamin Hueskes (CPO-D) and Cedric Pischel (OT) organized a prosthesis seminar for orthopaedic technicians. During the five-day seminar, five patients were fitted with prostheses by the participants. In Thai Nyguen, in addition to the 21 examinations, 9 operations were carried out and 4 children were fitted with prostheses and orthoses.

The cooperation with the volunteer team of experts is particularly valuable for Green Cross Switzerland. In addition to helping the people affected by Agent Orange, the team also serves as a link to local partners or health facilities and the international transfer of knowledge. Green Cross Switzerland would like to express its sincere thanks for the many years of cooperation and looks forward to Dr. med. h.c. Daniel Hueskes and Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Claude Müller into the patronage in October 2023.

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