SOCMED in Vietnam

The defoliant “Agent Orange”, which was used during the Vietnam War, left behind consequential damage to humans and the environment that persists to this day. Those affected are dependent on help.

Since 1998, the Green Cross Switzerland has therefore been supporting affected regions in Vietnam within the framework of the SOCMED programme (Social and Medical Care and Education) induced by the organisation. The programme guarantees medical, psychological and social support in the form of treatments and therapies, especially for children and young people with severe physical and mental disabilities. Day care centres allow those affected to attend adapted school lessons and participate in play activities. The SOCMED programme also focuses on supporting the production of orthopaedic aids.

In order to be able to continue our work in Vietnam smoothly and with high quality, we depend on your donations. We would be pleased if you would take the time to make a small contribution for the victims of “Agent Orange” in the affected regions in Vietnam.

You can find our video information on SOCMED in Vietnam in German on Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram.

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