Hazaribagh, Bangladesh

Hazaribagh, Bangladesh

Site Name: Hazaribagh, Bangladesh


Pollutant: Mainly Chromium


Population Affected: 160,000+


Site Description:

There are 270 registered tanneries in Bangladesh and around 90 percent are located on 25 hectares of land in Hazaribagh. Most of these use old, obsolete, and inefficient processing methods. Together, the tanneries employ 8,000 to 12,000 people (swelling to around 15,000 during the peak processing season for two or three months following the annual festival of Eid-al-Adha). Everyday, the tanneries collectively dump 22,000 cubic liters of toxic waste, including cancer-causing chromium, into the Burigangam River, Dhaka’s main water source. The homes of tannery workers in Hazaribagh are built next to contaminated streams, ponds, and canals. Informal leather recyclers, who burn scraps of leather to produce a number of consumer products, also heavily pollute the air.

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