Ten most polluted places 2007

Ten most polluted places in the world

The US-based Blacksmith Institute, an independent environmental organisation, in cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland presents a list of the ten most polluted places in the world in 2007.


The criteria for the list were compiled by an international group of experts, including scientists from Johns Hopkins University, Hunter College, Harvard University, IIT Delhi, University of Idaho and Mt. Sinai Hospital. The panel also includes leading representatives of international environmental companies as well as the Blacksmith Institute’s own Technical Advisory Board and specialists from Green Cross Switzerland. The methodology this year was refined to attach more importance to the scale and toxicity of the pollution as well as the number of endangered people. The Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland have been partners since 2006. The two organisations jointly work on a project to eliminate pollution from former mining and smelting operations in Rudnaya Pristan in Russia’s far east. This place was listed in the 2006 top ten.


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Blacksmith Report 2007 (544 KB PDF file)


Photos of the ten most polluted places in the world in 2007 can be downloaded at:


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