Study on Uranium Mines

Study on Uranium Mines


6.4 million people are exposed to radiation from uranium mines. This is the result of a first study on the health consequences of uranium mining sites. The study was carried out at the initiative of Green Cross Switzerland in cooperation with Prof. Jonathan Samet, Dean of the Colorado School of Public Health (USA). Based on the results of the study, Green Cross Switzerland is requesting the corporate groups involved in uranium mining in Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA to properly shut down their uranium mining sites according to the polluter-pays principle.


The detailed study in English can be downloaded here.


Uranium Mining Report 2018 (665 KB)


The focus of the Green Cross dinner on 5 June 2018 was the topic of contamination from uranium mining sites. Guest speaker Chief Oren Lyons, Jr., a Native American Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Iroquois Confederacy, delivered an impressive speech describing the view of indigenous people.


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Oren Lyons
The importance of peace and being a part of nature
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