Further assistance for Ukraine

In the second half of 2023, the warfare, especially in the south of Ukraine, is still omnipresent and there is no end in sight. While soldiers are under constant fire on the fronts, the Ukrainian population is in a precarious situation.

They are confronted with various problems that they cannot cope with alone and are dependent on help. Green Cross Switzerland therefore supports the victims of the war with a range of pragmatically designed and regionally adapted rapid assistance services, which act at different levels of everyday life and aim to improve the situations.

Since the Russian invasion in February 2022, Green Cross Switzerland focused on the delivery of humanitarian goods and especially since the end of the same year on the provision of water treatment systems that can clean dirty or contaminated water.

In addition, however, the commitment to children has been a core concern of our foundation for many years. After all, the foundation previously organized various therapy camps for children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine or Belarus. This focus on supporting children is being continued because children and young people are often exposed to acts of war.

New aid provided for the victims of war

Now, during the summer and in September, more than 200 children from the Chernihiv region were able to receive backpacks as a result of the assistance provided. The backpacks symbolize the chance of a certain regular school day; away – as much as possible – from the acts of war, an inviting start to the first day of school and give the children the opportunity to carry their personal belongings and school books.

Green Cross Switzerland also supported a hospital or rehabilitation center in Chernihiv for children with impairments. Many of the children treated there have injuries to their musculoskeletal system and to the central or peripheral nervous system. By means of the movement equipment provided, the gross and fine motor skills of children and adolescents there can be sustainably trained and improved. In the same city, a kindergarten was equipped with chairs and beds, improving the infrastructure and giving the children opportunities to feel at home. It was also possible to provide an electricity generator, which helps the cooks to prepare a warm meal for the children despite power outages.

Green Cross Switzerland has given 31 modern orthopedic mattresses to the Ripky Central Hospital, as well as others to a residence center for the homeless and two smaller hospitals. The acting general director of the hospital in Ripky expresses his gratitude and says that the delivery will improve the conditions for a stay.

More outreach planned for late fall

Further assistance is planned again for the fall and winter. For example, seeds will be distributed to people. The focus will be on the delivery of water treatment systems.

Green Cross Switzerland would like to sincerely thank you, dear donors, for continuing to support our work and giving the people in Ukraine hope for a future.


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