Food distributions as part of the Tet Festival

Tết Nguyên Đán (meaning “Festival of the First Morning”), also known as Tet Festival, is the most important Vietnamese holiday and takes place on February 10 this year. The colorful festival is accompanied by a variety of customs and traditions and preparations usually begin 1-2 weeks in advance: people decorate their homes, visit the graves of their ancestors or cook Vietnamese specialties. The Tet Festival commemorates the ancestors and is also an opportunity for people to welcome the new lunar year with family members.

As part of the Tet Festival, the Krong Buk Charity Project organized food distributions to victims of Agent Orange and their family members in the southern Vietnamese town of Ea Kly. The Charity Project Krong Buk, led by Peter Jenni and Tran Thi Hiep, was able to provide 360 families with food, co-financed by Green Cross Switzerland. This cooperation has been in place since April 2023 and ensures the pragmatic use of relief supplies on the ground.

The aid campaign had a very positive side effect: the food supplier responsible distributed additional food parcels to those affected out of her own motivation.

We are very grateful for the supplier’s help and the cooperation with the Krong Buk charity project. This year, in addition to the existing orthopaedic and social services for victims of Agent Orange as part of the Socmed program, the inclusion and implementation of new content is also planned. Green Cross Switzerland is currently investigating the situation regarding the establishment of microloans for prospective start-up companies. These planning opportunities and the realization of projects would be unthinkable without our donors. We would like to thank you for your continued support.

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