Cooperation with the Charity Project Krong Buk

Since the beginning of this year, Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) and the Charity Project Krong Buk (CPKB), founded by Peter M. Jenni and his wife Tran Thi Hiep, have been working together. The focus of this cooperation is on humanitarian aid for families affected by “Agent Orange” until today. The support focuses on the central highlands of Vietnam, in particular, on the Dak Lak province. With this partnership, it is possible to provide individual assistance to families affected by Agent Orange, in addition to the SOCMED program projects already carried out by Green Cross Switzerland.

The CPKB works on a voluntary basis and takes care of the clarifications and expenses on site. Mrs. Tran Thi Hiep and Peter M. Jenni visit the affected families in consultation with the People’s Committee, discuss the required assistance with the family members and are in contact with the authorities in the case of major assistance such as house renovations or roof reconstruction. Through the coordination of CPKB, it can be guaranteed that the assistance supported by GCCH will be implemented efficiently and that the financial means within the framework of this cooperation will fully benefit those in need of help.


First aid services started

In the meantime, one affected person could be financially supported with the help of food money. The 43-year-old woman suffers from mutilations, muscle spasms and is dependent on medical care. She lives together with her 85-year-old mother and the income was not sufficient. Through the cooperation between GCCH and CPKB, the mother together with Ms. Tran Thi Hiep can go shopping once every month at the market worth 1 million Vietnamese Đồng (VND) (about 40 CHF). Through the support, the severely disabled woman and her mother can be provided with food and other necessary goods. In addition, planning is currently underway for the rehabilitation of a house roof belonging to a family severely affected by Agent Orange. The goal is to repair the roof until the next rainy season. Repair work is still underway and should be completed in a month. Furthermore, support has been promised to the family of Mrs. Thoi Thi No in Phuoc An. The daughters Kieu and Chi both have severe disabilities due to Agent Orange. Since the father is also disabled and Mrs. Thoi is busy taking care of the family full-time, she is unable to pursue a job. Recently, the community has made makeshift repairs to the home, but the family was lacking food and diapers. Now the family can be supported with a monthly delivery of basic supplies.

Green Cross Switzerland is looking forward to the further and profitable cooperation with Peter M. Jenni, his wife Tran Thi Hiep and Charity Project Krong Buk!


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