Cooperation with DeinAdieu: Green Cross Switzerland launches new section on legacies and bequests

Green Cross Switzerland is pleased to announce and introduce the fresh section on our homepage. You can now visit our page on legacies and bequests in German, French and English, which we have successfully launched in cooperation with DeinAdieu.

The portal supports Swiss relief organizations by broadly informing the population about the possibility of making a testamentary donation. This also includes the provision of services and information on issues related to inheritances and legacies. Accordingly, you can now access various offers through our homepage to plan your estate carefully and according to your wishes. Our site offers the following advantages:

You can take advantage of a free initial consultation and discuss the examination of your situation or your will with an inheritance law specialist.

You can easily and safely create a will using the online tool with instructions and take Green Cross Switzerland into account.

You can use a living will to document your will regarding medical measures should you no longer be capable of making decisions yourself due to an illness or accident.

By drawing up an advance directive, you can appoint a person you trust to represent your interests in the event of incapacity.

By using these offers in favor of Green Cross Switzerland, you help us to continue our tasks and projects in the longer term. The more funds we have available for this purpose, the more targeted and sustainable measures we can take by acting responsibly and carefully.

We would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank you for your cooperation with DeinAdieu and would be pleased if you would consider Green Cross Switzerland when drawing up your will. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Dr. Jakob Vetsch, Networking & Fundraising or contact the office directly via email or phone.

You can find more information about the new options here.

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