Cooperation with DAVA – Focus on Day Care Centers

As part of the SOCMED (Social and Medical and Education) program, Green Cross Switzerland has been providing social, medical and educational support to those affected by the defoliant Agent Orange, which was used during the Vietnam War, for over twenty years. The highly toxic herbicide still leaves children and young people physically and psychologically impaired; many are dependent on help. Through its many years of involvement in Vietnam, the foundation has been able to establish a broad network of contacts and build partnerships. One of these partnerships is the Danang Association for Victims of Agent Orange (DAVA).


Danang Association for Victims of Agent Orange

The organization advocates for victims of Agent Orange in the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang and its surrounding area by helping those affected cope with everyday life. According to DAVA, there are about 5000 children living in the city and its agglomeration, 1400 of them with the late effects of the herbicide in the form of physical disfigurement, deformities or psychological disorders. Despite the economic upswing in the region, many affected families continue to find themselves in a precarious situation.


Day care centers for the reintegration of disabled children and adolescents

DAVA has established two day care centers in the region, which together provide a place for 120 victims of Agent Orange. In the day centers, the children and adolescents receive care, nursing and a daily structure through various activities. Through rehabilitation measures, medical check-ups and balanced meals, the health of the victims can be strengthened in the long term. School basics, painting, sewing, singing, dancing or other sports and play activities help to reduce psychological stress and promote self-confidence. Through the all-day care and supervision of the affected children and adolescents, the parents are relieved, which enables them to pursue a job.

Green Cross Switzerland supports DAVA by covering about 20-30% of the costs. The financial support is of central importance, since the Danang Association for Victims of Agent Orange is financed exclusively by donations and depends on sustainable planning, among other things, to be able to hire sufficient care personnel.

By working with DAVA, Green Cross Switzerland is able to channel its financial assistance to concrete structures to improve the living conditions of victims of Agent Orange and to use the contributions in a targeted manner. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, dear donors, for your continued support. Your contribution alleviates the difficult situation of numerous children and young people in Vietnam.

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