2021 was a challenging year for Green Cross Switzerland. Although projects had to be adapted to the needs of the pandemic, our medical, social, and psychological programs for victims of military and industrial disasters could continue to be pursued with dedication. Additionally, in regions of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus we’ve initiated pilot projects to promote sustainable energy sources (e.g. solar panels). Due to COVID-related restrictions, only a portion of projects in Vietnam could be carried out. 

“After a financially good year, we are looking at the year 2022 with confidence. The year will undoubtedly bring new and great challenges for Green Cross,” says Martin Bäumle, CEO. “Our team is doing its best to support people in Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid, and will also ensure to help with the reconstruction process in the future”. 

“It was heartening to experience our donors’ solidarity in these unfamiliar and uncertain times. We are very thankful for their support”, says Béatrice Lombard-Martin, President of the Board of Trustees


Annual Report 2021 (PDF)

Detailed annual financial statements 2021 (in German)

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