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Broadly supported.


Our concerns are supported by many people across a broad section of society. Among others, numerous members of both houses of the Swiss Parliament have formed a non-party group, which supports the objectives of Green Cross Switzerland: the Green Cross Parliamentary Group. At present it includes 21 members of the States Council and 81 members of the National Council (as of April 2018). The Parliamentary Group is a sign of our co-operative and well-supported activity, which is respected by many sides. Hardly any other non-governmental organisation can count on such broad support.


(Picture above: “A world free of weapons of mass destruction for the new millennium!” These were the words of Mikhail Gorbachev to the world when he visited the Swiss Parliament in the year 2000.)


Co-President: National Councilor, Christa Markwalder, FDP


Co-President: National Councilor, Martin Bäumle, GLP


National Council


Aebi Andreas, SVP

Aebischer Matthias, SP

Allemann Evi, SP

Amstutz Adrian, SVP

Arnold Beat, SVP

Birrer-Heimo Prisca, SP

Büchler Jakob, CVP

Carobbio Guscetti Marina, SP

Cassis Ignazio, FDP

Chevalley Isabelle, GLP

de Buman Dominique, CVP

Eichenberg-Walther Corina, FDP

Fehlmann Rielle Laurence, SP

Feri Yvonne, SP

Flach Beat, GLP

Flückiger-Bäni Sylvia, SVP

Frehner Sebastian, SVP

Fricker Jonas, GPS

Friedl Claudia, SP

Galladé Chantal, SP

Geissbühler Andrea, SVP

Giezendanner Ulrich, SVP

Glanzmann-Hunkeler Ida, CVP

Glättli Balthasar, GPS

Gmür Alois, CVP

Graf Maya, GPS

Graf-Litscher Edith, SP

Grin Jean-Pierre, SVP

Grossen Jürg, GLP

Grunder Hans, BDP

Gschwind Jean-Paul, CVP

Gugger Niklaus-Samuel, CVP

Hadorn Philipp, SP

Hardegger Thomas, SP

Häsler Christine, GPS

Hausammann Markus, SP

Heim Bea, SP

Hess Lorenz, BDP

Ingold Maja, EVP

Jans Beat, SP


Kiener Nellen Margret SP

Leutenegger Oberholzer Susanne, SP

Lohr Christian, CVP

Lüscher Christian, FDP

Maire Jaques-André, SP

Merlini Giovanni, FDP

Moret Isabelle, FDP

Moser Tiana Angelina, GLP

Müller Walter, FDP

Müller-Altermatt Stefan, CVP

Munz Martina, SP

Nidegger Yves, SVP

Pardini Corrado, SP

Quadranti, Rosmarie, BDP

Reimann Lukas, SVP

Riklin Kathy, CVP

Rime Jean-François, SVP

Ruiz Rebecca Ana, SP

Rytz Regula, GPS

Schelbert Louis, GPS

Schenker Silvia, SP

Schmid-Federer Barbara, CVP

Schneider-Schneiter Elisabeth, CVP

Schneider Schüttel Ursula, SP

Seiler Graf Priska, SP

Semadeni Silva, SP

Sommaruga Carlo, SP

Stamm Luzi, SVP

Steiert Jean-François, SP

Streiff-Feller Marianne, EVP

Tornare Manuel, SP

Vogler Karl, CSP

von Siebenthal Erich, SVP

Walter Hansjörg, SVP

Weibel Thomas, GLP

Wermuth Cédric, SP

Wobmann Walter, SVP

Wüthrich Adrian, SP


States Council


Abate Fabio, FDP

Berberat Didier, SP

Bischofberger Ivo, CVP

Bruderer Wyss Pascale, SP

Comte Raphaël, FDP

Cramer Robert , GPS

Fetz Anita, SP

Föhn Peter, SVP

Germann Hannes, SVP

Graber Konrad, CVP

Häberli-Koller Brigitte, CVP



Hegglin Peter, CVP

Janiak Claude, SP

Jositsch Daniel, SP

Levrat Christian, SP

Lombardi Filippo, CVP

Luginbühl Werner, BDP

Maury-Pasquier Liliane, SP

Minder Thomas, non-partisan

Stöckli Hans, SP

Zanetti Roberto, SP



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12 November until 23 November 2017 – Over the course of 12 days, we’ll show you the highlights of Vietnam from North to South, accompanied by Maria Vitagliano, director of Green Cross Switzerland’s programme Social Medicine.

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